Monday, May 28, 2012

Teen Board

The teen board has 2 slotted columns of the number 10 and 1-9 number cards.  I point to the top 10 and have the student name it.  I point to each slot and have them name each 10.  I then showed the student a ten bead and had them count the beads.  They then put the ten bead by the number 10.  They continue this until each number 10 has a ten bead next to it.  I place the one bead next to the first ten bead and have the student count the beads.  I then place the number 1 in the slot and say, "ten and one together make eleven."  I then place the two bead next to the next ten bead and have them count the beads.  I place the number 2 in the slot and say, "ten and two make twelve."  I continue the same way with the rest of the numbers.

In this picture I named a teen number and the student had to make it with the number and with the beads.   I also have teen number cards that the students lay out next to the ten slots and then they have to make that number on the board and with the beads.
Montessori Materials has printable teen boards.
Homemade Montessori shows how to make a teen board.

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