Saturday, May 5, 2012

Butterfly Life Cycle

We sang a song about the butterfly life cycle during line time.  The students then made their own paper plate butterfly life cycle.  I used pictures that I got from as a member.  I used a black marker to draw a line around each picture so the students could cut them out a little easier.  I placed this sample above the science shelf for them to reference and to check their work when done.

The Butterfly Song
(sung to the tune of "Up on the Housetop")

First comes the butterfly and lays an egg,
Out comes caterpiller with many legs,
Oh see the caterpillar spin and spin,
A little chrysalis to sleep in.

Oh, oh, oh, wait and see
Oh, oh, oh, wait and see
Out of the chrysalis, my oh my,
Out comes a beautiful butterfly.

We also have a basket on the science shelf with the butterfly life cyle objects and cards and label to match.  The cards and labels are available at Homemade Montessori

We ordered caterpillars from so that we could observe the life cycle first hand.  The students love checking on the caterpillars each day to see how they have changed.

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