Monday, May 7, 2012

ABC Tubes

I have filled these baby soda bottle test tubes that I got from Steve Spangler Science with items that begin with each letter of the alphabet.  I have the students put the letters in alphabetical order and then they have to match the tubes with the correct beginning sound of the item in the tube.  I have also included cards with the letter and the object so they can check their work when they are done.  The students really love this activity at any age.  I have the younger students just match the letter and tube to the card.
a: ant
b: buttons
c: cotton
d: dice
e: erasers (I had a very hard time finding objects that started with the short vowel sounds that would fit into the tubes)
f: feather
g: glitter
h: foam hearts
i: iguana
j: jelly beans
k: keys
l: leaf
m: marbles
n: noodles
o: oatmeal
p: paper clips
q: Q-tips
r: rocks
s: sand
t: telephone
u: umbrellas (I used the drink umbrellas)
v: velcro
w: water
x: x-ray
y: yellow yarn
z: zipper

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