Saturday, February 2, 2013

Beginning and Middle Sounds

The children have to find the missing beginning and middle letter sound.

Gingerbread Man Uppercase/Lowercase Letter Matching

The children match the lowercase (baby gingerbread) letter with the uppercase (mama gingerbread) letter.  I wrote numbers on the uppercase and the lowercase letters for self checking.

December Practical Life



Toothpick Drop

This is a favorite practical life work in our room.  The children take the toothpicks and drop them into the holes in the shaker.  I have also used toothpicks that are used for decorating cupcakes.  They have little decorations on the top.

Winter Math

Counting by 10's: the children put the mittens in order and then they can make their own counting by 10's mitten book.
Here is the file: Count by 10's mitten book

Snowman and buttons: counting 1-10

Snowman numbers and counters
snowflake numbers 1-20
The children put the numbers in order from 1-20.  You can see in the top photo that there is a 1-20 number strip for the children to look at if they need help putting the numbers in order.

Phonic Drawers

I have seperated the letter sounds for the alphabet into 4 groups.  Each group has a color and each color has a set of drawers that holds work that goes with those letter sounds. 

Drawer 1: object sort
Drawer 2: picture sort
Drawer 3: letter sound mats
Drawer 4: letter/picture memory game from Montessori For Learning
Drawer 5: Letter/picture matching. I had not attached this drawer when I took the picture. 
I found this work at The Helpful Garden.
Here are the groups:
red letters: a, s, m, e, t, c
yellow letters: o, p, u, d, f, j
blue letters: g, l, b, i , n, w, r
orange letters: h, y, q, z, k, v, x