Saturday, September 22, 2012

Folding Towels

These fabric squares have lines sewn down the middle both ways.  The students fold the fabric on each line.  This teaches the students to fold washclothes and towels.

Color Sorting

Pom pom sorting is a BIG hit in our class

I found a four sectioned tray at The Goodwill.  I then cut red, yellow, green, and blue paper to fit in the bottom of the tray.  The students then sort the triangle shapes by color.  An extention to this work is to have a triangle shape on paper squares with a blank line and small circle.  Have the students color the triangle yellow and then write yellow on the line and write the number of yellow triangles.  Repeat with red, green and blue.  Have a control card with the color word on it so they can check how to spell it.
This is a variation from Miss Patty's Montessori Day

Pink Material Word/Object Match

I found some objects that are CVC words.  I then made some cards that had a picture of the object and the 3-letter word on them.  I then printed just word cards.  The students place the picture/word cards out and then place the object and word card with the picture/word card.  Great beginning pink material work.

Metal Inset Variation

Here a student is making an egg using an idea card.

Here are the idea cards that I made for the students to use to get inspired to use the metal insets.  The cards have really sparked a new interest in using the metal insets.

Apple Seed Counting

The students put the numbers in order 1-10 then place the correct number of seeds (black beads) on the apples.

Life Cycle of an Apple Tree

I presented the life cycle of an apple tree to the students (the cards that I used are not pictured).  The students then cut out the pictures and glue them in the correct order.  Free color picture cards of the life cycle are available at Montessori For Everyone


I found a few items around the house and classroom to use for this work.  Then I drew a picture of each item with the heading "What is Magnetic?"  The students place the item in the yes column if it is magnetic and then they color the picture on the paper.  If it isn't magnetic then they place it in the no column and cross out the picture on the paper.  Items that I used were: crayon, rubber band, pipe, plastic strawberry, paperclip, magnetic letter, nail, bandaid, dice, checker, triangle tangram and a bell.
This work was adapted from Miss Patty's Montessori Classroom

Number Rods Variation

First I present the number rods in order and show them how to match the numeral to the rod.  Then I mix the rods up and have them place the numeral next to the correct rod.

Making Shapes

For this work the students create the shapes and learn how many sides each shape has by placing the popsicle sticks on the lines of the shapes.  Each shape is a different color and they have matching sticks.  The hexagon is red and their are 6 red sticks.  The shapes that are included in this work are triangle, square, diamond, pentagon, and hexagon.  Colored match sticks could be used so that you are able to fit shapes with more sides on the paper.  I was only able to go up to a hexagon because an octagon wouldn't fit on the paper.
This activity is adapted from Make Like a Montessori Mama

Parts of an Apple

I cut an apple in half and showed the students the parts of an apple.  I then placed the apple on a tray with a magnifying glass and put it on the science shelf for the students to observe.

I then presented the parts of the apple nomenclature cards and had the students make their own apple books by coloring one part of the apple on each page and writing the word at the bottom.

Color Words Spelling Tiles

The students use letter tiles to spell the color words.  They just have to match the letter tile to the letters on each card.  To make it more challenging you can print the cards without the letters.  As an extension I have the students make a color book by coloring the crayon and writing the word on the line.  I have included the files below so you could make your own set.  When printing out the files print them in black and white otherwise all the crayons will be orange.  When I made the file the crayons were in black and white but for some reason when I upload them to googledrive the crayons are orange.  Crazy technology.

color word spelling: black and yellow
color word spelling: blue and pink
color word spelling: brown and gray
color word spelling: green and orange
color word spelling: red
color word spelling: white and purple
color word spelling blackline master

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Apple Tree Tonging

I made this apple tree and attached some red, green and yellow circle stickers and then laminated it.  The students use tongs to place red, green, and yellow apples (pom poms) on the tree.

Handwriting Without Tears

A few years ago I attended a Handwriting Without Tears workshop.  This is an exciting curriculum that teaches students about proper ways to write.  This activity is the stamp and see work.  The student places the card on the magnetic board and uses the magnetic lines and curves to form the letter.  When they take the card off the letter is on the board and then they can trace the letter with the magnet pen.

Check out the Handwriting Without Tears website for more information about the curriculum and their workshops.

Hanging Bead Stair 1-9

Here is the hanging bead stair 1-9 and an extension sheet that the students can do.  Once the students have been introduced to the bead stairs they can work on matching the beads to the numeral by hanging it on the hook under the number.
Here are some links to check out:
Montessori Counting with Hanging Beads Video youtube has alot of great videos on presenting Montessori materials
Homemade Montessori shows you how to make your own Montessori bead stair.
The Helpful Garden has free printables for the hanging bead stair

Alphabet Fishing

I got these lowercase magnetic letters from Lakeshore  The consonents are blue and the vowels are red just like the moveable alphabet.  They also have uppercase letters.  I just tied a magnet to a dowel to make the fishing pole.  I placed the letters on the copy machine and made a color copy.  Then I glued the paper onto cardboard and covered it with contact paper.  The students love fishing for the letters and matching them to the letters on the board.  Even if the youngest students enjoy this work.