Saturday, September 22, 2012

Color Words Spelling Tiles

The students use letter tiles to spell the color words.  They just have to match the letter tile to the letters on each card.  To make it more challenging you can print the cards without the letters.  As an extension I have the students make a color book by coloring the crayon and writing the word on the line.  I have included the files below so you could make your own set.  When printing out the files print them in black and white otherwise all the crayons will be orange.  When I made the file the crayons were in black and white but for some reason when I upload them to googledrive the crayons are orange.  Crazy technology.

color word spelling: black and yellow
color word spelling: blue and pink
color word spelling: brown and gray
color word spelling: green and orange
color word spelling: red
color word spelling: white and purple
color word spelling blackline master

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