Saturday, December 1, 2012

Comments, Comments, Comments

I have noticed that there is alot of activity on my blog and that thrills me.  If you have some ideas that you would like to share, then send a comment with a link and I would love to check them out.  I am always looking for new work to do with the students. 

Halloween Math

I know it is the beginning of December and I am posting some of my Halloween pictures.  Oops!  I was going to post some of my November/Thanksgiving pictures and I found some old pictures that didn't get posted.

The students put the number pumpkins in numerical order and then place the correct number of pumpkin seeds on the cutout.

The students put the haunted house numbers in numerical order and then placed the correct number of plastic ghosts under the houses.  I cannot remember where I got these cute numbers from.  I am going to keep looking and then post a link when I find the website.
The students are putting the dot numbers out in numerical order.  Then they count the dots and place that many pumpkin erasers on each dot.  I printed these numbers from 1plus1plus1equals1  They offer a color and a b/w copy of these numbers.  I printed off the b/w numbers and then colored the dots to match the Montessori bead stair.
Another use for the pumpkin erasers.